The big bow with no present inside: are you ready for the business?

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One thing to understand: Once you get yourself online and present yourself to the world how wonderful you are, you must be in align with what you’ve said about yourself. If you aren’t, then people will quickly tell you about yourself or at least tell the world about your business.

I’ve personally experienced that. Googled a place of business. Used their services or at least tried to. And had a horrible or not so pleasant experience. It wasn’t what they described. Most nowadays will write about their bad experiences online somewhere.

This is what I call the “Big bow with no present inside.” It’s disappointing to see a big box with a bow and realize there’s nothing inside. In my opinion, that’s precisely what it feels like when you go to an establishment and they don’t provide what they promised online: fantastic service or a reliable product.

When you hire myself or another online marketing consultant, make sure you’re ready for the business it could bring. I say this because if you do not deliver what is promised, the time and money you put into creating this image for your business will be put to waste—-quickly.

The only way I’ve been able to prosper with The Natural Hair Lady is because I’m determined to withhold the promise I give on my website and to be in align with what positive comments my clients have placed online.

Marketing is more than what you say. It’s organic and honest.


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