social media workshop

Social Media Workshop


The world of social media marketing is steadily growing and not showing any decrease in speed. With that being said, everyone with a business should recognize this marketing evolution. I realized there was a need for my services when a graphic design client told me, “I’m a very private person; so that’s why I choose not to use Facebook.” Now granted, there are plenty of other social media tools this client could use instead of Facebook, but she’s doing her business a great disservice by not extending her business out to the world wide web.

Think about it. Who really uses the Yellow Pages actual book anymore. Even Yellow Pages, themselves have gotten with the program. Social Media is not a joke ladies and gentelmen.

I can help. Sign up for one on one workshop with me and I can guide you on this new journey. From social media setup, advice on how often to post and what to say, discussing your target audience and how to reach them. There’s tons of avenues to grab your customer’s attention. Let’s start today.