Social Media Marketing – What led me…

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While studying Creative Advertising in college, I developed an interest

in Graphic Arts specifically. I relocated to Atlanta Georgia to persue my career as a Graphic and Web Designer. For years, I created brands for new small businesses; designing logos, business cards, web sites, signs, labels, t-shirts, and several types of print advertisements.

Overtime, as I organized my portfolio with previous design websites, I noticed how a lot of businesses were still not open for business or they went out of business and never made it. Now because I take my work serious, I had to call these clients back and discuss what happened.

Those callbacks turned into coffee shop meetings for a couple of hours. Before I realized it, I was a Marketing consultant. With my other business endeavors I gave them suggests that had worked for my businesses. Keyword usage for Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O.), hiring a writer for their blog to discuss several topics within their industry, keeping an open ear to new social media tools to connect to their target audiences. I also noticed there were a lot of business owners who were mirroring their businesses with their personal believes (i.e. “I’m a private person so that’s why I don’t use Facebook).

So why me? I’m passionate, courteous, and I have a vision. Let’s chat.

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