Chimere Does Online Marketing Workshops for Beauty Professionals and Small Businesses

She Does


Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

You and your professional friends; you and your team; or perhaps a business you know could use it. I get you excited. Social media and this online marketing “time machine” is no longer a scary foreign language.  I’m trained to break it down into simple terms. My goal is to make it fun and share my wisdom. Never going over your head. I’ll cover any of these:

  • New and current social media tools for your industry
  • How to tie customer satisfaction with online marketing tools
  • Pulling your business to the top of the Google search ladder
  • Basic account set ups
  • Online Brand building


$135 [3 hour group workshop]

Let’s meet at a coffee shop and get inspired! One on One chats are more personal and pertaining to your business needs. You can request One on One chats as “check-ins” after your previous chat. I absolutely love what I do; so I’d love to reinterate inspiration! During our One on One chats we can:

  • Cover search engine optimization tips
  • WordPress theme customization
  • Traffic analysis
  • Online marketing strategies
  • Email marketing campaigns
  • Marketing opportunity reviewal




I’m a mom. I teach people how to use technology during the day. I’m a web developer. I’m a beauty professional.

Online marketing fell into my lap because of my passion to succeed. My Bachelors taught me Marketing as we knew it. Working for myself [as a beauty professional] and relentlessly seeking [beauty] clients online pushed me to study how Google worked. How could someone find “little me” online? Sleepless nights of what I learned months later was called Search Engine Optimization got me to the number one spot on Google with my most expensive services. Those six months of diliegence, got me clients traveling from all over the country to see me in Atlanta Georgia.

For years, my web design clients would continously fall off the map because they gave up. I would design a website for them but they were missing the glue. They weren’t marketing their website. The brand would stand still on their url. I’d also notice clients would mirror their private lifes with their business. This had to stop. I found myself having coffee chats with them encouraging them and creating strategies through social media tools.

Over time, was created and here we are!

I also work with alongside a group of amazing people who are Life Coaches, Photographers, Lawyers, Writers, Music Producers, Chefs, and the list goes on. I believe that we all have gifts and it’s up to us to put them to use.