Attention Beauty and Health Professionals: Flyers don’t work.

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Well, let me say this: flyers could work. But using them as a sole marketing campaign is sort of nerve racking for 2013. As I walk by a salon or barber shop that’s in a shopping mall, I’m almost guaranteed to get a flyer or business card in my hand. Now because I’m hair stylist and a graphic designer, 8 times out of 10, if they design on the marketing material isn’t appealing within 10 seconds, it’s going in the trash. And to me this was a wasted 10 cents or however much this beauty professional spend on their marketing efforts.

The other thing that goes through my mind is, are they aware that everyone’s online?! If i Googled keywords, could I find them easily? This is why I’m doing what I’m doing today. Helping and assisting my partners in this industry.

The common comment I get is: “Man, I don’t have time because I’m always doing hair.” And I reply with, “Do you want more clientele?”

“Well, yes?”

“Then you have to come into 2013 and make it happen or hire someone to do it for you.”

Now when I say “do it for you” I mean open up Social Media Tools or what I refer to as SMTs. SMTs are tools such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and even a Yelp account.

There’s several different things I would suggest. That’s why I’ve now dedicated time to consult for those in need of this advice. It’s so important because no one uses a phone book anymore. Or what if they can’t find that flyer that was passed out to them last week.

“Where’s that flyer that guy passed out to me last week? Oh forget about it let me just Google.”

Boom! There it goes.

Trust me.

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