Atlanta Social Media Workshop for Beauty Professionals

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I kicked off the Social Media Workshop for Beauty Professionals at the Sugar Hair Studio.  Both stylists and barbers arrived with the determination to expand their knowledge with this thing called Social Media. Believe or not, some beauty professionals are still using flyers and business cards as their primary way of marketing. Not to say that this method is bad, but to soley use that method is disturbing [in my opinion].

Think about this: Where do you go when you’re looking for a new restaurant? Better yet, a new stylist? Drum roll. You search the internet [Google, Yahoo, Bing etc].

As I worked in a salon for years, I noticed this marketing issued. I worked alongside the owner of the salon (I worked for at that time), and for years I created and increased the salon’s online presence. Specifically, creating the first website, establishing keywords, creating social media accounts, and pushing the overrall culture of online marketing between the stylists and their clients. It was a success.

My primary goal with is to offer what has worked for me ( and other small business owners in the Atlanta Metro Area.



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